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Paid Social Media

Cedarsphere offers flexible paid social media solutions for businesses, brands, enterprises, and more. 

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What Are Social Media Ads?

Social media ads are ads that you run through social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Similar to Google Ads, most social ads run on a pay-per-click style system, but the big difference is you are not bidding on keywords. For social media ads, it is all about targeting. Using either an audience from an email list or by drilling down to certain interests, you can show your social media ad to someone you believe would be interested in purchasing your product. 

You can also use remarketing ads which are triggered by someone visiting a webpage or product and then are hit with an ad for that service or product on social media. For example, if you visited a page for a new refrigerator, but decided not to buy it at the time, you may see an ad on Facebook later that day for the same refrigerator. Advertisers use this as a way of reminding you in case you are still interested in purchasing the product.

What Social Media Ad Services Does Cedarsphere Offer?

Social media ads are one of our most popular digital marketing services here at Cedarsphere. Our paid search team has years of experience with social media ads and has helped many clients increase revenue and overall site visits through the use of Facebook and Instagram ads. Our team helps to develop a strategy and can implement funnels within these ad platforms to help push your customers through the sales funnel quicker, all within the ad platform. Our team will take out all of the guesswork for you and your team to allow you to focus on the things you are best at. We will work closely to ensure your business goals are being met and that your social media ads are producing your target ROI, return on investment.

Cedarsphere offers the following social media ad services:

Facebook Ads

TikTok Ads

Instagram Ads

Snapchat Ads

Twitter Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Social Media Ads Vs Organic Social Media

We know what you are thinking. If I am using social media organically, why would I need ads? That is a great question and one that we get quite often. Organic social media and paid social media ads are two completely different things.

Organic social media is great for engaging with customers who are currently familiar with your business as they already follow one of your business pages. Organic social media is great for providing updates for new products, pushing blog posts, and showcasing customer photos.

Paid search ads are perfect for remarketing products, advertising a specific campaign, and you can even use it to promote blog posts if you are wanting more traffic to a specific blog. Most businesses are going to want their social media ads to make them money, so following a more conversion-style strategy is how we ensure that your marketing dollars are not only making you money, but are hitting your target return on investment. 

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