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Cedarsphere is a digital marketing leader built on a decade of experience. Rooted in Waco, cultivated by Wacoans, Cedarsphere was founded with the goal of helping clients thrive in today’s competitive digital marketing environment. With a deep strategic understanding of the target audience & demographic, Cedarsphere delivers world-class creative solutions across all media platforms.



These three branches form the foundation for everything we do on behalf of our clients:

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You can call me “Z”. I am a first-generation immigrant. I grew up in Chouaifet, Lebanon, a small country in the Middle East. In 2010, I was packing my bags with a one-way ticket to Waco, Texas. All I knew about the United States was from what I had seen in movies, but looking back on that day, I didn’t realize I was actually on a plane seeking “The American Dream”.


Learning and adapting to a foreign culture was an influence on the person I am today. With a will to succeed and everlasting enthusiasm, I always found a way to look over the horizon. My initial investment wasn’t money, it was my sweat and work ethic.


Since the beginning, I’ve had a passion for solving problems and interacting with other people. Fast forward to the present, turns out that my passion actually has a name; ‘marketing’ and that is where Cedarsphere comes in. I founded my company on the basics of value and integrity. I named it after the Cedar tree to portray resilience and adaptation. The rest is history. Mondays feel great and weekends aren’t really weekends.


My journey has just begun and I am still in debt of gratitude to my parents for taking the courageous step of traveling to a foreign land with the hopes of building a better future.

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Ziad El-Halabi