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Is Digital Marketing in 2020 Important?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

It is quite interesting looking back at how far technology has come. Before, your traditional brick and mortar business advertised mainly in magazines, newspapers, flyers and on billboards.

In 2020 we have seen a massive increase in E-Commerce businesses and branding. Now it is easier than ever to present a product or service to the public thanks to various platforms that advertise for you on major social platforms. As technology advances so does our imagination and creativity. Businesses have done the impossible, reaching millions of people by presenting to them their product or service with just a few clicks on the keyboard. How did they do it? Well I’m glad you asked. First things first the traditional way of advertising is dead. Yes I said it! For any startup company to have any impact using traditional forms of marketing like print ads, flyers, billboards they first need to create a presence within their certain niche and also within the community. Social media in today's world is by far the biggest platform used for businesses all over the world and also for those that are just being launched. The power of online advertising has come to life and those companies who were able to catch this trend have been very successful. The use of social platforms like Facebook, and Google, give businesses the chance to advertise using their platform. Google ads, and Facebook ads are popular services many companies use to advertise any digital content they may have to offer to a broad or specific audience. Any business that isn’t utilizing digital marketing is missing out on a giant portion of their audience to the competition that is using the tools necessary moving forward. I guess you could say digital marketing is important right? Well, only if you want to maximize your businesses full potential. If you don’t see the value of digital marketing just look at Amazon. Amazon is the largest company by market, and also the largest online retailer. Amazon mainly drives traffic with the use of PPC (pay-per click). Amazon actually has their own pay-per click platform that many individuals use to flow traffic to their website. Pay-per click is a platform used to boost sales. The advertiser pays for every click that is made by a potential customer that clicks the ad and views their product or service. In conclusion if you are a business owner in 2020 and you don’t have a presence on social media you are missing out on a big market that will continue to grow alongside digital marketing. Everyday there is a new advancement now it is your turn to take advantage of it and grow.


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