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Best Restaurants In Waco (Local Favorites)

Dining in Waco presents you with many choices from the popular chain restaurants to local favorites only found in Waco. When visiting Waco, we suggest trying out one of the locally-owned restaurants to not only support small businesses but to try something not normally available in your hometown. Today, we are going to look at the locally-owned, top 5 best restaurants in Waco.


Ichiban is one of Waco’s newest restaurants, but it is one that is quickly becoming a local favorite. Ichiban is a Japanese steakhouse with hibachi tables and regular dining to allow you to have a fun and exciting experience or a romantic date night. Ichiban is located right off of I-35 and provides a true Japanese experience with its elegant artwork and koi fish pond. For those who love sushi, you will be excited to know that Ichiban has a sushi bar as well with chefs preparing sushi right in front of you. Ichiban is definitely a great experience that brings a new offering to Waco.

Tru Jamaica

Another new restaurant that has become a very popular place for Wacoans is Tru Jamaica. Located in East Waco, it is hard to miss Tru Jamaica as it is painted very brightly in traditional Jamaican colors. As the only authentic Jamaican and Caribbean dining experience in Waco, Texas, it is no surprise that Tru Jamaica has been so successful. Locally owned and resting in the heart of Waco, Tru Jamaica is a must-have on your next trip to Waco.


Ask any Wacoan where the locals like to gather for a cold drink, great food, and an even better atmosphere, and most are going to say, Georges. Georges is a locally-owned restaurant/bar that has two locations in Waco. Georges is most famous for their Big-O beers, bear bits (bacon wrapped chicken bites), and their large chicken fried steaks. The Big-O deck is one of their most popular attractions, an outdoor seating experience where you can watch football, hang out by the fire, or simply enjoy the Texas sunset.


A downtown favorite, J-Petal offers Japanese Crepe and Thai ice cream, making it the only place in Waco with such a menu. With the overwhelming support and success of their downtown Waco location, J-Petal has recently opened another location in Hewitt, Texas, right on the border of Waco when heading south. While the original J-Petal crepes originated from traditional Japanese crepes, the founders have since modified the recipes creating unique flavors and beautiful works of art with their food. J-Petal states “we treat each crepe as an art piece”. So get your camera ready and Instagram opened because these crepes are Instagram-worthy!

Magnolia Table

Last but not least, the single most popular restaurant in Waco at the moment is Magnolia Table. Due to the increased popularity of the hit TV show Fixer Upper, people from all over the country flock to Waco, Texas to eat at Magnolia Table. Magnolia Table is owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines, the stars of Fixer Upper. On any given day, you can find a long line of customers waiting to try the menu at Magnolia Table, so make sure you get there early!


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