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Graphic Design

Cedarsphere offers flexible creative solutions for businesses, brands, enterprises, and more. 

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What Creative Branding & Design Services Does Cedarsphere Offer?

Creative branding can be the difference between a customer choosing you or your competitor. Depending on the industry, you may be up against some solid competitors with large marketing teams that can easily create content on the fly. To help you get to their level without the investment of hiring a full marketing team, let Cedarsphere provide you with the creative and design you need, when you need it. Our team can help create a new identity from scratch or help you rebrand your current identity with new logos, creative, and web design elements.

Cedarsphere offers the following services for Creative Branding & Design:

Logo Creation

Brand Guidelines

Creative Design

Display Ads

Graphic Design

Print Ads

Our team of graphic designers use all of the latest technology and trends to give you the most up-to-date creative you can get. Instead of hiring an in-house graphic designer who may not have a full workload, we here at Cedarsphere can help fill this void without the full commitment of a full time employee. By meeting with you and your team on design essentials and brand voice, we can ensure that your brand is accurately represented throughout any creative that is made for your business.

What Does Cedarsphere Charge for Graphic Design?

We keep our pricing very simple and straightforward. $50 per hour. That is it! No hidden fees or extra charges.

Our Work

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