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Tru Jamaica

PPC/Paid Search, Social Media Ads, Creative, Website Design


As a new small business in a quickly-growing town, Tru Jamaica needed to achieve better brand awareness if it wanted to survive in Waco’s fast growing market. As a locally owned small business, Tru Jamaica could not rely on corporate marketing or a full in-house marketing team to get their name out to local residents.

The restaurant market in Waco, Texas is flooded with chain restaurants with plenty of brand recognition and a long history of success in other towns. There are a handful of locally owned restaurants that have made a name for themselves, but this took time to acquire. In order to succeed with a unique menu, Tru Jamaica needed to double down on brand awareness to spread the word to local Central Texas residents.


In order to achieve quick brand awareness, Cedarsphere worked closely with Tru Jamaica to develop paid search campaigns, social media ads, vibrant creative, and a converting website. This marketing strategy allowed Tru Jamaica to get their name and branding in front of the eyes of local residents searching for places to eat in Waco, Texas.

Through months of optimizing ads and building new creative that showcased Tru Jamaica's unique food and atmosphere, Cedarsphere was able to help them become one of Waco’s best restaurants. Tru Jamaica has quickly become a local favorite and the traditional Jamaican cuisine has brought a new cultural dining experience to Waco, Texas.

Cedarsphere continues to work with Tru Jamaica to ensure that their brand is accurately represented and is in front of the people who matter the most. Through continuous optimizations, Cedarsphere has been able to define Tru Jamaica’s target market and cater ads specifically to this audience. Cedarsphere is excited to see what is in store for Tru Jamaica and looks forward to helping them achieve their goals.


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