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Opening a new business, especially in a growing town can come with all sorts of challenges. Your approach to marketing can make or break your business, so having the right strategy is going to be your key to success. Putters, a new sports bar in Waco, TX, was a new business created by a local bar owner to bring a new and exciting experience to Central Texas. While Putters had the advantage of knowing what works in this industry, they were still missing a good marketing strategy to put their name in front of potential customers. With so many new businesses popping up in the downtown Waco area, the space can get pretty competitive for traditional advertising. Cedarsphere recognized this issue and took a different approach that helped Putters become one of the hottest new sports bars in Waco.


With Putters bringing a new experience to the Waco area, there was plenty for us to work with. Putters is not just your average sports bar, its main attraction is the vintage-style arcade games and mini-golf located inside the bar. The 80’s theme also adds to the overall throw-back feel that you just can’t get anywhere else in Waco.

With Putter’s environment already being as exciting as it is, our approach was visual and socially driven to showcase just how much fun Putters is. We utilized video and bold social media campaigns to work in tandem to highlight Putter’s main attractions. We chose to implement engaging social media posts that keep people engaging with their brand while mixing in promotions for events, drink specials, and new food items. We have also designed and implemented themed events which have attracted people of all ages to come and check out everything Putters has to offer.


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