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Platinum Cottages

PPC/Paid Search, Website Design, Social Media Ads


Since Park Model RVs are not something that everyone has to have, one of the biggest challenges Platinum Cottages faced was informing potential customers what Park Model RVs are and getting their brand name to the forefront of the industry. Without a proper strategy, Platinum Cottages was having a hard time getting their company in front of the eyes of the correct demographic. With the help of Cedarsphere, Platinum Cottages has begun to create solutions for these problems and drive higher quality leads for their dealers.


One of the first steps of getting Platinum Cottages on the right track was identifying the weakest points in their current marketing plans. From here, we were able to focus on getting their name out into the industry and start leading people into the funnel by providing knowledge and visuals across the site. Unfortunately, the old website did need quite a bit of work, so to improve user experience and straighten out the marketing funnel, a full website redesign was done. This allowed for better landing pages for the Google Ads and Facebook Ad campaigns as well as a strong foundation for future SEO projects.


Becoming viral (for the right reasons) is something every company aims to do on social media. While this is not the easiest of tasks, Cedarsphere implemented their surefire Facebook marketing strategy that resulted in their cottages going viral. As you can see in the example below, we were able to use photos that Platinum Cottages already had to drive a post to become viral through Facebook Ads. This resulted in over 14,000 reactions, 2,500 comments, and most importantly 6,500 shares. This reached many new potential customers while showing off the true luxury quality of their cottages. It also allows for people to become more aware of the brand, people visiting their Facebook page, and people visiting their site.

When Cedarsphere was first introduced to Platinum Cottages, there was no Google Ads strategy in place, leaving a huge opportunity open for reaching customers. Through strategic keyword bidding and ad copy design, Cedarsphere was able to help Platinum Cottages dominate their vertical in Google. This allowed for very low cost clicks to their site which helped drive new leads and ultimately made them a leader in the industry. By constantly optimizing their keywords and copy, Cedarspher has been able to run a very efficient, lead-generating machine through Google Ads.

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