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Nitrous Outlet

Creative, PPC/Paid Search, Social Media Ads


Nitrous Outlet, one of the leading providers of Nitrous Oxide Systems for performance vehicles, has been in business since 2003 revolutionizing the nitrous system business. While Nitrous Outlet has built up their reputation for being the industry leader in product development, and top-quality, race-proven products, there was one key component missing - a great marketing strategy. Like most businesses in the racing industry, Nitrous Outlet built up their reputation on word-of-mouth and having a presence at popular race events. However, as Nitrous Outlet moved to more of an eCommerce company, the need for good marketing was at an all time high. At this time, Nitrous Outlet was not utilizing Google Ads or Google Shopping, two of the most important tools any eCommerce company should be using to generate sales, get their name in front of customers, and drive traffic to their site.


The approach we took for Nitrous Outlet was focused around building out a Google Ads campaign to get their products on Google and in front of potential customers. With more and more car enthusiasts shopping for car parts online, this was a must-have for Nitrous Outlet in order to drive more revenue. With a large catalog of parts, we were able to build out a complex Google Ads strategy that included Google Shopping and remarketing for maximum efficiency. We also utilized social media remarketing as many car enthusiasts use Facebook to share photos of their vehicles, connect with other car enthusiasts, and find out about local and national car shows. We found that a combination of paid search and social media ads was effective for delivering high-quality results for Nitrous Outlet and were able to help them achieve revenue numbers and return on investment numbers that they have never seen before.


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