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GSP North America

Creative, Website Design


As a parts distributor, GSP North America was never on the forefront of forward-facing marketing strategies. As a very large company, GSP focused on being a hub for their distributors. Their website was more of a resource center and distributor locator for those who were looking for a specific part. GSP North America does not sell directly to consumers but helps to give consumers all of the information they need about a part while showing them where they can find the part.

The challenge GSP North America faced was that they had no brand consistency and a hard-to-navigate website. A lack of brand consistency can confuse a customer and make your brand look less professional than you actually are. A hard-to-navigate site can make it difficult for your customers to convert. Many consumers will simply leave a site if they are having problems navigating your site.


Cedarsphere saw this brand as a two-part solution - implement a brand consistency strategy and increase customer engagement through a better website experience to increase goal conversions. Our website designers restructured GSP North America’s website and integrated a search database to easily find any of their 8,000 part numbers. We implemented many up-to-date best practices to make the website as user-friendly as possible to ensure customers were finding exactly what they needed as quickly as possible. Our creative design team worked diligently to create consistent branding across the site to ensure a more professional look across the board. The consistent branding and new website gave GSP North America a refreshed look and allowed customers to easily navigate through the site for a more pleasant user experience. This also aided in mobile usability as well, which is an increasingly important feature for any website.


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