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During the first stages of COVID lockdowns, many businesses struggled to stay in business. With supply chain issues and the inability for many to return to work during these pressing times, businesses had no choice but to close their doors. AccuAir, a leading manufacturer for car air suspension components, had to make this difficult decision after 18 years in business. Arnott, LLC, purchased AccuAir out of bankruptcy and decided to rebrand and relaunch the company. While Arnott has had a long history of manufacturing OE air suspension components, they still needed assistance in the rebranding and relaunching of the brand. Since AccuAir is more on the aftermarket side of air suspension and Arnott deals in mainly OE style components, they needed a marketing agency that understood the aftermarket car community and Cedarsphere was the answer. With years of experience in the automotive industry, our team knew just what needed to be done to relaunch this popular brand.


With AccuAir being such an established brand, there was little to do on the branding side of Marketing. This allowed us to focus on a strategic SEO and Paid Search approach to let the car community know that AccuAir was back. The air suspension industry can be quite competitive, so getting AccuAir back in the game with Google Ads allowed us to kickstart sales and get their name back in the industry. In the meantime, we developed an SEO strategy that helped showcase’s AccuAir’s extensive knowledge to help customers learn more about air suspension and allow them to easily piece together their own kits. This aided in building a library of tech knowledge that not only aids the customer, it helps to reduce phone calls and tech questions, allowing AccuAir to focus more time on innovation and manufacturing.